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Kanye West Uninvitedly Visits Skechers Headquarters in the Aftermath of Adidas Fallout.

Kanye West is making a hurried effort to locate a new home for his Yeezy sneakers… he went to Skechers headquarters to speak with the company’s executives, but was turned down.

According to sources acquainted with Ye’s visit, he was at the company’s main headquarters in Manhattan Beach, CA, on Wednesday morning… but this was not a prearranged meeting with management.

According to Skechers, Skechers’ corporate headquarters in Los Angeles were visited abruptly and without invitation. Because Ye was shooting without permission, two Skechers officials took him and his friends out of the facility after a brief conversation.

We aren’t sure whether Kanye completed his homework, however Skechers is owned and controlled by a Jewish family; Robert Greenberg started the company, and his son Michael is the current President. Given his anti-Semitism, one could argue he barking up the wrong tree.

According to a spokesperson, Skechers is not exploring or intends to cooperate with West. They denounce his recent divisive statements and reject antisemitism and other forms of hate speech. West returned to Skechers’ headquarters offices unannounced and uninvited.

It seems that Kanye wanted Skechers to be his new Yeezy shoe partner, acting as both a maker and distributor, like Adidas did until dropping him this week. So he struck out.

Nonetheless, Kanye was observed in high spirits at a neighborhood bagel shop before his meeting — his smile doesn’t appear like that of a man worth $900 million, a figure reported by Forbes.

As previously documented, Kanye’s anti-Semitic statements were the final straw for numerous commercial and professional partnerships for Kanye, including Balenciaga, his legal team, and, of course, Adidas, all of which have deserted him in recent weeks.

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