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Keith Urban, despite living with trauma from his dad, does all he can to be the best dad to his two daughters at the age of 55.

Keith Urban is a Grammy Award-winning country music artist known for his pop-rock inspirations and truthful lyrics. He had charmed the stages for years with his songs, set to lovely guitar rhythms and intense emotions.

Urban can only reflect on how far he has come now that he is living every singer’s dream. His early job was not as glamorous as his current existence, and he had to wade through some muddy waters before obtaining the near-perfect life he enjoys today.

It was the early 1990s, and Urban, a long-haired guitar-slinging oddball at the time, had just recently joined the music scene. Although trying his best, no one believed he was good enough.

He lived in a run-down neighborhood with a roommate who was addicted to drugs. Urban stayed put for a time, but when a lady he was seeing broke up with him, he spiraled out of control and discovered himself trapped in an endless cycle of irresponsible drinking and drug use.

It became Urban’s preferred way of life, and he maintained it for many years until somebody changed his life for the better.

Urban had been living in a dilapidated lifestyle for almost a decade, a lifestyle blighted by heavy drug and alcohol misuse. But his fortunes seemed to improve in 2005 when he met the gorgeous “Eyes Wide Shut” actress Nicole Kidman.

The two fell in love quickly, and the following year, they married in a lovely wedding in Australia. His new existence, though, was insufficient to break him of his bad habits. Urban’s drinking habits were causing considerable issues in their new marriage four months in.

Despite this, Kidman was determined to assist her spouse overcome his addictions, and the same year they married, Kidman conducted an intervention for her new husband.

She assisted him in entering a recovery facility, and after three months of inpatient hard work, the “You’ll Think of Me” singer came home determined to stay sober. He ponders his new marriage imploded as a result of his actions. It survived, but only by a miracle.

Urban acknowledges that moment in his life was the most difficult, as Kidman can attest. He admits that it reached the point that he preferred death.

Urban regards Kidman as his rescuer. The artist claims that he was spiritually awakened by her, and that for the first time since the 1990s, he felt free of the chains of addiction.

But how did the life of a mild-mannered and soft-spoken child change so drastically? When did the rain begin to pelt him? Urban attributes all of his difficulties to his upbringing.

The “Only You Can Love Me This Way” singer recalls a less-than-ideal childhood. He was raised by an alcoholic father who never told him he loved him.

Urban claims that anytime he performed on stage and believed he earned praise, his dad would always discover a way to criticize him, which he says ate at him for a long time.

His parents’ continual traveling and lack of connection contributed significantly to his later conduct. His father was a physical disciplinarian, and his father’s approach for demonstrating love to his son scarred Urban for many years.

Being a Dad gives me a WHOLE new love and appreciation for my Dad – and everything he’s done for me. – KU #withdad

Posted by Keith Urban on Sunday, 1 February 2015

Nevertheless, he claims he valued his father and would be eternally thankful that he encouraged him to pursue a music career. The “Don’t Let Me Down” singer claims that he spent much of his youth trying to gain his father’s favor, which pushed him to become a better vocalist.

Unfortunately, Urban’s father, Robert, was afflicted with cancer and battled it for a long period until dying away on December 5, 2015.

Despite all that had occurred to him as a youngster, Urban lamented the death of his father. He stated that he loved his father enough to not want him to suffer any longer.

For years, Urban fantasized of starting his own family and, more importantly, becoming a father.

That ambition became a reality once the singer overcame his addiction with the assistance of his wife. Their first child, Sunday Rose Kidman Urban, was born in July 2008, and their second, Faith Margaret Kidman Urban, was born in 2010.

The singer always assumed he understood what it was like to have kids, but it soon became clear that he didn’t.

But after welcoming his two daughters, he learned that becoming a father was an indescribable experience until one has walked in those shoes.

Urban admitted that he was excited to experience parenthood and that he enjoyed being a dad to girls. He grew up with one brother and no sister, and having ladies around changed his perspective on many things and was a learning experience for him.

Despite the fact that their girls are raised by celebrities, Urban and Kidman do their utmost to keep them out of the spotlight. He revealed that they did everyday activities as a family and did not live on social media like many other celebrities.

Urban has accomplished a lot at the age of 55. With a thriving singing career and a happy family, he is living many people’s aspirations.

Although, he adds that his family is what motivates him the most, and despite his celebrity, his position as a devoted dad to his children and a loving husband to Kidman is possibly the most important part of his life.

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