“Karen” Neighbors Are Mad At This Person For Buying Land Next To Them And Not Planning To Build A House Like Everyone Else.

Each of us has our own idea of what constitutes a good house, and it frequently differs from that of others. Well, the more individuals there are, the more opinions there are – but occasionally these individuals around us simply attempt to force their own viewpoint, putting it off as “public opinion.” Read this story to know what happened between the neighbours and what would you do in such a situation.

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I was looking to buy a place but I wanted something very small, since I’d be living alone and I don’t want to clean a lot.

I found something pretty unique, a lot which had a house that burned down and was demolished. Everything was taken out so the land could be built on.

But there was a garage still standing with a 1 bedroom mother in law suite above it. Just a bedroom, bathroom, and little kitchen. This was surrounded by a half acre of mostly forest.

I didn’t know what to think, at first, till I went and toured it. I loved it, the 3 car garage would give me space to work on my car and bikes

The suite upstairs was bigger than any apartment I had and would be all my own to customize in a way I never could with an apartment.

And the price was super low, unbelievably low for the area. I actually was able to pay a 50 percent down payment and I’ll own it in full in 5 years.

I checked with the local regulations and it would be legal for me to live in the mother in law suite on the property.

Anyway, long story short I closed on the house and moved in. I was really happy with the place, it was just the right amount of space for me, roomy without being a pain to clean. The outdoor space is great for my dogs, and hosting barbecues with my friends.

So onto the trouble. A couple neighbors made comments about being glad someone moved in to fix the place which was an eyesore on their street.

But a while later, my neighbors started asking when I’d start building, and I realized they thought I was living in the mother-in law suite and planning on building a main house. I said I wasn’t planning on it yet, I don’t need a lot of space yet

My neighbors got upset I was bringing down the property value, by leaving the lot a “vacant lot” and living in an “old garage” … Not to mention that the garage was new and a whole residence..

I said I wasn’t trying to bring it down, I’d keep it nice. But I didn’t have house building kinda money.

They said that just by keeping it as is I was bringing it down, since it’s value was maybe 1/6 of the other home’s values.

I got frustrated and said I wasn’t the one that burned the house down, maybe blame whoever did that… I just got a place as is.

The neighbors got upset with me saying that, because they had been close with the previous neighbors and the fire had been a tragic accident.

I said sorry I didn’t know, but honestly they couldn’t put their expectations on me after I’d bought a place not knowing any of that. I just bought a place wanting to get something I could afford, how could I expect to suddenly be expected to spend 6 times as much?

The neighbors said that if I was buying a demolished building there is an expectation that I rebuild. Am I A Jerk for buying the land without plans of building?

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