Dad cuts off his daughter’s hair as punishment for receiving a birthday gift from her mother.

We’ve all heard that beauty comes from inside. Nonetheless, we are all concerned about our appearance. After all, it’s nice to go all out and make an effort with our looks every now and again. Most of us are particularly concerned about our hair. Which isn’t surprising given that it’s one of our most noticeable features.

That’s why a terrible haircut may lead even the most self-assured among us to withdraw until it’s rectified. But can a bad or forceful haircut considered an assault? Perhaps.

Kelsey, the cheerful 13-year-old, had her 13th birthday in January. The new adolescent decided she wanted to take on a fresh style.

She chose to have highlights, which her mother, Christine Johnson, consented to. As a birthday treat, the mother took her daughter to the hairdresser.

Christine then snapped a snapshot of her beaming kid, who was clearly pleased with her new look.

Her joy, though, was brief. Kelsey went to visit her dad and stepmother a few days later, and the meeting traumatized the young child.

Her mother’s images from the visit are frightening and distressing.

Kelsey is too embarrassed to expose her face in the images. But one doesn’t have to see her face to comprehend what’s going on. Her long, lovely, recently highlighted hair has vanished, overtaken by an exceedingly short, uneven haircut.

Kelsey’s father and stepmother chopped her long hair after they noticed the new highlights, according to a Facebook post by the girl’s aunt.

Their justification? “Actions have consequences.”

They were enraged at the girl’s new highlights and proceeded to give her a forced, harsh haircut for some unknown reason.

However, the father and stepmother may now face their own repercussions. They are both firefighters who have been suspended without pay.

According to Christine’s Facebook post, the motivation for the drastic new hairstyle was to embarrass Kelsey.

This is what my daughter looked like Sunday when I took her home and the other two pics is what happened today before she was brought to me… all over me having highlights put in her hair for her birthday!

Posted by Christin Johnson on Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Many people have commented on the photo, expressing their heartbreak for the small child.

Since the post went viral, Wood County social services have intervened and are starting an inquiry.

Kelsey deserves justice, and her father and stepmother should be punished for their heinous deeds.

I can’t imagine how upsetting this must be for Kelsey, who will be reminded of the atrocity every time she looks in the mirror.

Share your thoughts on whether these parents should be penalized for the act on Kelsey!

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