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Tom Brady Yells At Team Following Loss, Friends Say They ‘Detest’ How He Treated Gisele.

Tom Brady has been expressing his emotions lately. The athlete’s dramatic outburst on Sunday made this quite evident. The Buccaneers were defeated 20-18 by the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Tom was furious.

Tom was spotted shouting at his offensive line during the second quarter. “You’re so much better than you’re [crap] playing,” the 45-year-old yelled on video during an emotional outburst.

The dramatic scene on the sidelines comes as his estranged wife, Gisele Bündchen, appears to be moving on from their marriage, and sources are speaking out about what the former couple’s pals have been talking about.

Tom Brady Frustrated On The Sidelines

Tom Brady with some words to his offensive line. 📺: FOX | Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Posted by NFL on FOX on Sunday, 16 October 2022

Brady’s common pals are upset with him. His pals appear to be shocked by his choice to rejoin football after a brief hiatus.

They despise Tom’s refusal to bend for Gisele, one source stated.

The insider’s assertion appears to correspond with Gisele’s current emotional state. She seemed to be over her estranged spouse and his football career. While the football player appears to be in trouble, Gisele has been spotted saging her car, sans wedding band, and giving insightful comments on Instagram photos.

Gisele responded to an Instagram post regarding “inconsistent” partners last week. 

Tom’s wife worked hard to openly support him when he declared his comeback to football. But, as the new season approached, more and more tales about the couple’s difficulties surfaced. Gisele also became more open in interviews, expressing how much time she had devoted to her family.

While insiders have stated that their marriage appears to be finished, a new insider informed that some pals are still hoping that the couple might reconcile.

This was actually their first significant difficulty in their marriage, they explained. Family members are praying they haven’t passed the point of no return.

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