Kate Middleton looked ‘unhappy’ and ‘jealous’ of Meghan Markle at Jubilee celebrations, say fans

The Queen of England’s Jubilee festivities were spectacular. To honour the long-reigning monarch, no cost was spared. All of the Royals were there, including Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who reportedly handed up their titles.

While the family put up a unified face for the public, observant admirers saw something was not…

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee was a much-anticipated celebration for the entire country, not just the royals. Family and friends from all around the world flew in to show their appreciation to the Queen.

The presence of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at the ceremonies put a lot of curiosity to rest. Individuals had previously imagined they would not appear since they had relinquished their royal titles and obligations.

The pair did, however, appear and were warmly welcomed by both Queen Elizabeth and the spectators.

The women of the royal family dressed to the best for the ceremonies. The Duchess of Cambridge was dressed in an Emilia Wickstead gown. The dress was light yellow with an X-inspired waist design. It was basic yet lovely, as is her normal manner. And, as is customary, she donned a hat with her ensemble. She picked a Philip Treacy hat with flowers under the rim to complement.

The Duchess of Sussex, on the other hand, kept things elegant. She wore a full Dior ensemble, including a white trench coat with embellishments, a coordinating skirt, and hat. She had her hair up in an updo to show off her jewellery.

This was Meghan and Harry’s first public appearance as a royal couple since they stood down as active members of the royal family. She dolled up, of course!

As per accounts, some booing could be heard as Harry and Meghan approached the Cathedral, but it was quickly washed out by tremendous cheers.

Before entering the event, they spoke with a few clergymen and sat in the second row alongside Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice.

Meghan and Harry met with no senior members of the royal family. They didn’t interact with Prince William and Kate. When Prince Charles went by their seats, he offered no greeting and even averted his gaze.

In comparison, as he went by his oldest son’s family, he gave a brief hello and even blew them a kiss! The reception was scheduled to follow the service. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were conspicuously missing.

While the young Royal couple attended all of the important ceremonies, such as Trooping the Colour, they kept a good distance from Prince William and Kate.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were at the centre of everything. In one of the events, they stood on the balcony with the Queen and other close relatives, while Harry and Meghan were presumably somewhere behind the scenes, playing with kids.

This was owing to the Queen’s strong instruction that only active members of the royal family be there on the balcony with her.

Harry and Meghan appeared to blow off any uncomfortable behaviour from the royal family. And, as usual, they adored one other like a young loving couple.

And, as usual, admirers were eager to draw parallels between the two young royal spouses. Many individuals believed that William and Kate were both profoundly unhappy.

Some speculated that Kate was envious of Harry’s affection for Meghan and how highly regarded Meghan was by the public.

Others were sure that Kate was taken aback by Meghan’s arrival at the chapel. Individuals assume Kate said “wow” in the video as she looked behind her, probably at Harry and Meghan.

There has been much speculation regarding Kate and Meghan’s connection. The American princess was mocked in the tabloids, with stories of Meghan’s disrespectful behaviour toward Kate, which led the Duchess of Cambridge to cry at one moment. However, in their interview with Oprah, the young royal couple shares the reality.

Meghan said the truth; she had never been disrespectful to Kate. Kate had made Meghan weep on the latter’s wedding day, not the other way around. She went on to add she was surprised that royal authorities did little to refute the media’s misleading notions about Meghan.

In Meghan’s words, she’s a nice person and I think a lot of what I’ve seen play out was this concept of polarity where if you love me, you don’t have to hate her, and if you love her, you don’t have to hate me.”

The two were notoriously feuding. According to royal writers, Kate made no attempt to improve their relationship. The only thing the two ladies appeared to have in common was their time spent at Kensington Palace.

Maybe, the schism between them is not so wide that it cannot be bridged! What are your thoughts on Kate’s reaction to Meghan? Tell us in the comments.

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