Woman in Remission Was Given Three Months to Live After Stage 4 Cancer Diagnosis | ‘It’s a Miracle’

A lady who was given three months to live after being diagnosed with stage four colon cancer has been told she is in remission.

Caroline Guy visited her doctor in 2019 with a swollen stomach and was told it was most likely due to menopause. She felt lethargic, she simply didn’t feel right, she explained. Her stomach was distended, she Googled her symptoms, and she asked him directly whether she had colon cancer, to which he replied, “No.”

Guy became critically ill in January 2020 while visiting her husband Adam in Saudi Arabia. She characterised her situation as follows: She was in agony when walking, she seemed to be seven months pregnant, and she awoke one night extremely nauseous. She simply felt horrible.

She was hospitalized quickly before obtaining the terrible cancer diagnosis and had x-ray, MRI, and blood tests. She was told that the sickness had spread to her liver and ovaries. She was given three to four months to live and was diagnosed with stage 4 intestinal cancer. She began treatment and returned to Nottingham to see her daughter in September, according to reports.

She had to self-isolate after testing positive with COVID-19. She was also concerned about returning to England, despite the fact that her treatment in Saudi Arabia had gone well. She was given two more years to live after undergoing a scan. She didn’t want to hear a timetable because she was doing so well. So she persisted with her twice-weekly chemotherapy regimen.

Scan findings revealed that the tumour had shrunk to the point where she might have surgery following extra therapy in the city. Nottingham physicians removed part of her bowel and performed a total hysterectomy on her. Six weeks after major surgery at Queen’s Medical Centre, she was notified that her test results were negative. Guy is presently in recovery following her diagnosis, according to the Nottingham hospital.

Guy stated, the surgeon looked at her and said, she does not have cancer. To which Guy responded whether he was sure. She simply couldn’t believe it. It’s nothing short of miraculous. She went on to say, because she didn’t have insurance, her treatment in Saudi Arabia cost £110,000, which came from her husband’s retirement savings. Even though the private treatment was fantastic, the cost does not compare to what she had done here with the NHS, and the NHS gets a lot of flak.

Caroline Guy rings the bell

Caroline Guy, who is cancer-free after being given three months to live in January 2020, returned to City Hospital today to ring the bell to signify the end of her cancer treatment. And it was an emotional time all-round. Read Caroline's story here:

Posted by Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust on Friday, 17 June 2022

Guy will be examined and will be in remission for the next five years. Her surgeon, Alastair Simpson, said that Caroline endured substantial chemotherapy and surgical excision of several organs, which is physically taxing but also poses a considerable psychological load and bears the risk for catastrophic repercussions. They continued, Nottingham offers an advanced cancer service that can manage this care and assist her throughout the process. It’s been an honour to be a part of the team that guided her from a life-threatening cancer diagnosis to her present level of remission and monitoring.

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