Kate Moss is testifying at Johnny Depp’s defamation trial

Kate Moss will testify in Johnny Depp’s $100 million defamation trial against Amber Heard.

The British model, 48, who dated the actor since 1994, will allegedly testify on Wednesday after the actress referenced her previously in the court.

TikTok and Instagram provide a glimpse into their bustling family life.

Heard mentioned Moss in her evidence on Thursday, saying she felt linked to her because of a long-running story that Depp shoved her down the stairs while they were dating in the 1990s.

However, by bringing up the supposed wrongdoing, Heard unintentionally permitted Depp’s attorneys to summon her as a witness to debate the story, which insiders claim is false.California entertainment lawyer Mitra Ahouraian expressed after Heard made the accusations earlier this month that’s one blunder Heard made, mentioning Kate Moss, which possibly opened the door to Depp’s team bringing Moss on as an impeachment witness and saying “This never happened.”’Amber referenced an ex of Johnny’s who plainly she believed was not supportive of him, which couldn’t be farther from the truth,’ according to another person.

However, they claim that Moss, who dated Depp from 1994 to 1997, remains supportive of him, and that when Heard named Moss on May 5, Depp’s lawyer, Benjamin Chew, may be seen fist pumping and laughing in joy.

Heard first mentioned Depp’s ex-wife on May 5, when she told the jury about a March 2015 incident in which she slapped Depp in the face because she was afraid he would shove her sister, Whitney, down the stairs.

She said she ‘immediately’ remembered the purported Kate Moss event at the moment.

The name dropping enabled Depp’s lawyers to bring Moss as a witness to examine the charges, with one entertainment lawyer stating that Moss is still purportedly friends with Johnny, yet she was initially barred from testifying about the event since it was irrelevant.

She might now testify in court in Fairfax, Virginia, and clear the air regarding the long-running myth.

However, Halim Dhanidina, a criminal defense attorney and former California judge, said that Heard’s team might contradict Moss’ evidence by claiming that the story was just meant to characterize Heard’s state of mind when she hit Depp all those years ago.

Moss’ evidence will take place on the third and last day of the six-week trial, which is scheduled to conclude on Friday.

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