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Kelsey Grammer Has a ‘Forever Fresh Grief’ About His Little Sister’s Murder in 1975.

It’s been nearly 50 years since Kelsey Grammer’s 18-year-old sister was killed in 1975, but the memory of the heinous crime hasn’t faded.

He has really been writing a book about some of the past, and one statement comes to mind, Kelsey told. It was old sadness that was always fresh. It’s always there for one.

Kelsey was 20 years old and studying acting at Juilliard when his younger sister, Karen, arrived in Colorado Springs shortly after high school graduation in 1972. She took a job at Red Lobster, and one night, while waiting for her boyfriend to finish his shift, she was abducted by a gang of men planning to steal the restaurant. Rather, they abducted, raped, and murdered her.

Michael Corbett, one of the convicted murders, died while completing his jail sentence in 2019. Freddie Glenn, the other, was condemned to death, but modifications to Colorado’s death punishment have made him eligible for parole after 10 years.

Spencer Grammer, 39, shares her dad’s passion of performing and co-stars with him in Lifetime’s forthcoming holiday film The 12 Days of Christmas Eve.

Her father has been plagued by the possibility that his sister’s killer may one day walk free. This has made moving on even more hard for the Frasier actor, who frequently has to revisit the case for a court statement.

Glenn is always up for parole every couple of years, so his father has to speak against him every few years, Spencer stated.

It’s excruciating for him to have to endure it all over again. And there isn’t much information available to victims’ families about when they will be freed, she went on to remark that this adds another degree of anguish to the families of the victims.

Glenn and Corbett were convicted of three murders in 1975, but they were also allegedly accountable for at least five killings in the Colorado Springs region.

Spencer informed the site that her dad would never be able to get over how his sister died.

When one loses someone dear to him/her, particularly to something absolutely out of one’s control, they can’t make sense of it, Rick and Morty actor Spencer said. There is no cause for someone to stab or murder another person. There is no explanation. It simply occurs, and it’s not acceptable.

Karen’s death was neither the first or final terrible death in Kelsey’s life. His dad was shot and killed when he was just 13 years old by a guy who had trespassed on his land. Then, in 1980, his two adolescent half-brothers were scuba diving off the coast of St. Thomas when they were killed by a shark attack.

Kelsey admitted that as a young adult, he relied on drugs and alcohol to cope with his pain.

Despite the horrors that afflicted his childhood, Kelsey has found happiness in his family and in his faith.

His career has began to flourish, and he has no plans to slow down anytime soon. Particularly when a Frasier remake is in the pipeline.

Every morning, he takes a minute to be grateful, he told People. Michael McDonald composed a terrific Doobie Brothers phrase that reads, ‘You’ll always have a chance to give up.’

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