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Chinese Couple Punish Child Who Watches Too Much TV By Making Him Watch TV All-night.

The eight-year-old child was left at home by his parents while they went out, and he was told to do his schoolwork and go to bed by 8.30 p.m. local time.

When the parents returned home, they discovered that their youngster had not completed his schoolwork and was rather watching television, which enraged them.

When his parents returned home, the youngster went to bed, but his mom took him back to the living room, switched on the TV, and compelled him to watch it all night.

At first, he appears peaceful, but as the hours pass, you can see him struggling to remain awake.

While he might have hoped to sneak inside his room at some time, his parents, who took turns observing him, made it hard. His dad had to rouse him several times. The youngster was not allowed to sleep till approximately 5 a.m. by his parents.

Although the youngster likely learned a lesson and will avoid watching TV for a while, the episode sparked a heated debate about parenting.

“I had a comparable experience. Our three-year-old kid, who is a KFC enthusiast, has lost his passion after eating hamburgers and chicken for three days,” a person remarked.

“The punishment was excessively harsh, and what if the youngster gets used to staying up late?” said another.

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