Boy, 5, dies after swallowing a pin as devastated parents pay tribute to ‘cheeky’ son.

On Saturday, the family of a five-year-old child who died after swallowing a notice board pin paid homage to the kid from South Yorkshire.

Kyle Lewis died after three days of struggling, with his parents saying their last goodbyes in Rotherham General, only six days after his fifth birthday.

He had his last heartbeat while they were snuggling him, the family explained in a handwritten statement, adding that they are heartbroken beyond words.

A scan revealed that between 90-95% of Kyle’s brain had been injured after he swallowed the pin, following repeated convulsions and a rise in temperature.

Kyle’s mom, Emma Lewis, said she can’t even articulate how she feels. She is beyond words shattered. It doesn’t feel genuine. She doesn’t want it to feel authentic. They kept him on life support until they were ready to say their last farewells.

Kyle’s mother thanked the medical personnel for accommodating her and Kyle’s dad, who sat with him during his dying moments.

Mrs Lewis told after that burial, she can’t go comfort him anymore. She went to the chapel twice or three times a week when he was there.

She would raise him on the bed and lay with him, chatting to him. It’s ruined her life. People encourage her to be strong, but it’s not that simple. She’s lost her son, and unable to think of anything else right now.

It’s as if she doesn’t know how to mourn. She doesn’t know how to feel, what to think, or how to behave. She feels like a machine. It crushed her heart, but he’ll always be her child.

A fundraising has been set up to assist a grieving South Yorkshire family in paying homage to their son, who died last month at the age of five.

A GoFundMe page, which has already received £1,155 of the £4,000 target, stated: to make things a bit easier, a handful of them decided to set up this to assist give him the greatest send off possible. No parent should have to bury [their] kid and suffer to gather the funds to do so.

He was the double of his father, Mrs Lewis of Swallownest told. Sneaky and cheeky all at the same time. His favorite phrase was that wasn’t him. He was obsessed with dinosaurs. They ‘ve stated that instead of angel wings, he’s developed dinosaur wings.

They’ve all received customized T-shirts with a photo of him and a blue love heart on the front for the burial. It features an image of a T-Rex on the back with the words ‘Kyle-saurus’ inscribed on it.

Every T-shirt at the funeral also had a sentence printed on it that Kyle would speak.

The family has erected a monument, such as a banner given to them by the hospital in Leeds, which is displayed on their bannister at home.

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