After meeting up with an internet romance, a Mexican woman was allegedly murdered for her organs.

Officials suspect the organs of a Mexican lady who flew to Peru to establish a love relationship with a medical student she met online washed up on a beach earlier this month.

Blanca Arellano, 51, informed her family she was going to Lima to meet Juan Pablo Jess Villafuerte, 37, after many months of virtual courting.

Arellano told her niece, Karla Arellano, on November 7 that the romance was progressing well. However, Arellano quickly ceased speaking with her family.

She never imagined she’d be in this situation, however she is asking for one’s help spreading this message and finding one of the most loved and essential persons in her life, Karla tweeted on November 12. Her aunt Blanca Olivia Arellano Gutiérrez went missing in Peru on Monday, November 7; she is of Mexican descent, and they worry for her life.

Karla Arellano said in a series of tweets that Villafuerte told her the pair had broken up and that her aunt was returning to Mexico because couldn’t provide her the life she desired.”

She chose to correspond with Juan P since he was her sole contact in that nation, and that is where their concern was created, Karla wrote.

Officials in Peru found a severed finger with a silver ring attached on November 10 that was determined to be Blanca Arellano. In the days that followed, other remains washed ashore on the beach, including a faceless head, an arm, and a torso with all of the internal organs that looked to have been taken.

Villafuerte was detained on November 17 in regard to Arellano’s missing.

Juan Pablo Villafuerte was detained on allegations of human organ trafficking, Peru’s general attorney announced at a press conference on Monday.

Villafuerte seemed to dissect human organs, including a pancreas and brain, in videos released on TikTok soon after Arellano’s disappearance.

Officers examined his residence and discovered blood spatter in many rooms.

Her aunt was a wonderful, warm lady, full of light, educated, committed, loving, and that is how she should be remembered, Karla said in a tweet on Wednesday, thanking Peruvian officials.

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