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Mother Who Had A Post-Divorce Makeover Now ‘Gets Mistaken For Megan Fox’

A mom-of -two who thinks she ‘lost herself’ during her marriage has had a post-divorce ‘glow up,’ and says she now resembles Megan Fox.

Marissa Pool, 29, from Pennsylvania, US, is now unrecognizable from her married self after obtaining nine tattoos and five piercings following her husband’s amicable divorce.

Marissa sacrificed her ‘Karen’ short bob hairdo in favor of long, black locks and heavy eye make-up, influenced by her love of alternative music artists such as Bring Me The Horizon – and she believes she has never been happier.

Marissa, who met her ex-husband when she was 17, said of her terrible marriage, her mental health was at an all time low.

She got caught up in playing the part of what was expected of her as a wife and mother and didn’t prioritize how she looked or any other element of her life.

As one gets older, one evolves into a new person, and one’s values and views change, she continued. She lost herself for a spell, as many women do.

Marissa had 2 kids with her ex throughout their 12-year relationship, who are now two and six years old. Eventually, the pair chose to end their relationship in January 2022.

Marissa resolved to reinvent herself after the breakup, feeling it was time for a change.

Marissa began by revamping her clothing to match her love of alternative music, swapping her mumsy sweaters for black clothes.

Marissa is now happier than ever and recommends other mothers to set aside at least 10 minutes each day to do something that makes them happy.

She went on to say that since her makeover, individuals have compared her to a certain Hollywood celebrity.

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