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Kelsey Grammer’s career choice reduced his wife to tears.

Many people will remember Kelsey Grammar as Fraiser from the legendary show. Today, that actor’s career has taken a new direction; he has begun taking on projects that are personally meaningful to him. And many people may be startled by his views on religion; after all, it’s not something you’d expect from a Hollywood actor.

Kelsey Grammer has completed his newest endeavor, Jesus Revolution. The film is based on the actual tale of pastor Chuck Smith, a devout Christian who invited hippies to bring rock music to his young church. Smith receives assistance from street preacher Lonnie Frisbee throughout his journey.

Kelsey Grammar, 68, is quite pleased with this effort and saw the completed film with his wife, Kayte Walsh.

Despite becoming a full-fledged protestant, the actor was raised as a Christian Scientist. He recalls fondly the Jesus hippie movement of the 1960s and 1970s.

Grammer also admired pastor Chuck Smith’s embrace of the introduction of counterculture into his church.

In his personal life, the actor is a devout Christian. He said that he has experienced hiccups and been through some difficult moments. He has fought with them and worked his way through them, at times rejecting religion, at times rejecting God, in a moment when he was quite upset about it, like, ‘Where were you?’

He went on to discuss his present position in life in terms of religion. Nevertheless, he has accepted it and found wonderful peace in his religion and in Jesus. It’s not arrogant to say that Jesus changed my life. He’s not going to apologize for it.

We wish the actor the best of luck in his future endeavors. It’s fascinating to hear about his present religious beliefs. What do you think of actor Kelsey Grammar’s religious beliefs? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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