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Kid Rock Slams Possible Demolition Of Hank Williams’ 170 Yr-Old Home: ‘Where Does It End?’

Kid Rock is concerned that the former Nashville home of country music legend Hank Williams will be demolished. Larry Keele, a California fund manager, purchased the 268-acre property in 2021. Since then, local residents have expressed fear that the mansion, known as Beechwood Hall, may be razed.

The house, in Franklin, Tennessee, was constructed in the 1850s and withstood the Civil War. Country music singers Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, in addition to Williams, lived there. They’re tired of seeing history destroyed. Whether it’s monuments, sculptures, or even something so significant here in Nashville, like Hank Williams’ former house, Kid Rock told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, adding, “Where does this end?”

According to supporters of “Save Historic Beechwood Hall,” despite pledges to repair and protect the building, the house has been steadily destroyed and the front and back doors have been left wide open in an attempt to create a sense that the site is ‘too far gone’ to be repaired.

The Heritage Foundation of Williamson County, a non-profit preservation group, said in a statement that it was working with the new owners in a collaborative and constructive way to develop a thorough preservation plan, and bring resources and ideas to the table for discussion.

Larry Keele allegedly refuted demolition intentions, telling that contrary to disinformation that has been publicized, no historical relics have been placed in any fire pile, and there is no scheduled destruction. Kid Rock, on the other hand, questioned the sincerity of his goals.

It appears to be another way to demolish it, Kid Rock stated. He doesn’t believe there is anything more essential in country music, if not American music, than Hank Williams – the greatest composer of all time, he went on to say. They feel like they’re under attack from the state of California, which they understand in many respects.

He has a lot of pals here that are from California and New York City, Kid Rock stated. A lot of people mutter it under their breath, but they’re afraid to say it out loud.

Kid Rock stated that he anticipates more people to join the campaign to save Hank Williams’ home.

The Heritage Foundation published another comment when Kid Rock questioned individuals professing to “safeguard” Hank Williams’ house. Americans who are worried about the “woke” trend to remove historical sites can only wish that Larry Keele keeps his promise and does not destroy this historic mansion.

New York City authorities agreed overwhelmingly in 2021 to remove a historic 100-year-old monument of Thomas Jefferson from City Hall. Black and Latino Council members asked for the statue’s removal, noting Jefferson’s background as a slaveholder. Similarly, Abraham Lincoln’s statue was removed from Boston in 2020. The statue showed Lincoln with his hand over a kneeling Black man, patterned by Archer Alexander, the last man apprehended under the Fugitive Slave Act.

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