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VIDEO: Restaurant Owner Chases, Takes Down Robber Who Attacked Elderly Patron.

Los Angeles may be a hazardous city, not just for visitors as well as for locals. Surprisingly, the most defenseless are frequently the victims of petty thievery and physical attack. So, when Tim Ratcliff, a restaurant owner, saw it occur to one of his guests, he set out to catch the perpetrator.

A young guy approached the restaurant’s patio and went about the tables while customers were enjoying their dinners at Rafallo’s Pizza on the corner of La Brea Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California. When he noticed an elderly client sitting alone, he saw an opportunity to rob him.

Surveillance video shows the perpetrator, who appears to be in his twenties, striking the victim numerous times in the head. He then stole the elderly man’s wallet and phone before fleeing toward a nearby junction. Tim Ratcliff, the proprietor of the nearby Japanese restaurant Shin, stepped in at that point.

Ratcliff pursued the culprit, who turned around just in time to see the owner rushing at him. Ratcliff grabbed the robber on the street corner, giving him little opportunity to escape.

Restaurant owner tackles attacker who punched, robbed elderly man in Hollywood

GOOD SAMARITAN: A man having lunch in Hollywood was viciously attacked and robbed – but the quick thinking of a restaurant owner who happened to see it all saved his life. "I couldn't not stop that from happening, so I ran and got him. Honestly, I'm glad I got him," the restaurant owner said.

Posted by ABC7 on Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Despite the accused’s strikes, Ratcliff grabbed and pinned him to the ground. Ratcliff’s girlfriend can be seen sprinting toward the duo and gathering up discarded things before kicking the accused and stepping on his leg. Ratcliff restrained the accused until the police came.

Residents, according to Ratcliff, are being worn down by these sorts of attacks. He claims that police personnel are unable to react promptly enough, leaving civilians to seek justice on their own.

Surprisingly, the incident occurred on the same day that the Los Angeles City Council decided to expand the number of LAPD officers in the Hollywood neighborhood. Citizens are still preparing for the worst. Despite the city’s efforts to address growing crime, locals have little faith that things will improve much.

Residents have suffered as a result of heinous laws and regulations that have placed law-abiding residents at the whim of blatant criminals. They’ve discovered they can’t rely on their government to keep them safe. As a result, individuals are taking action to guarantee that justice is done.

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