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Kim Kardashian ‘Cries Herself To Sleep’ Raising Her 4 Children As A Single Mum.

Kim Kardashian, a celebrity and wealthy influencer, has confessed that she often ‘cries herself to sleep’ due to her ‘most difficult’ task of raising her four kids.

Kim K, 42, is best known for her work as a reality TV star on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She has four kids with her ex-husband Kanye West, who is now legally known as Ye.

North (9), Saint (7), Chicago (5), and Psalm (4) are shared.

The famous couple filed for divorce in February 2021, but it wasn’t completed until November 2022, over two years later.

The Skims founder spoke about her experiences as a mom with life coach Jay Shetty on his audio series On Purpose. The episode is scheduled to air tomorrow (May 22nd).

People magazine posted a preview clip from the episode in which Kim can be heard stating that the days are long and the years are short, noting that being a parent to a kid was “insanity,” but it was “the best chaos.”

Kim then goes on to describe a normal morning in her home, stating she had to arrange one of her daughters’ hair in a “certain way” and assist one of her other kids in putting on their shoes, adding, “They all need you.”

She characterized the situation as “completely insane,” adding that her time as a parent has already taught her “the most” about herself.

She also said that it was “the most difficult thing” she had ever experienced.

“There are nights when I cry myself to sleep,” she revealed. As in, ‘what just happened?’

“You know, with all the moods and personalities, sometimes they’re fighting and there’s no one there.”

Alluding to her learning the ropes as a single mom, she noted that she often has to play ‘good policeman and bad cop,’ which she describes as a “challenge.”

She also implied that she battles to cope with her children’s wild outbursts, saying that a fit of rage may flip her life totally upside down.

The star also said that “nothing” can prepare a person for the difficulties and tribulations of fatherhood, but added that it is the most hard and rewarding job on this planet.

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