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Martha Stewart Shuts Down Botox, Plastic Surgery Rumors Around Her ‘Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’ Cover.

Martha Stewart has a lot to say to people who have criticized her controversial Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover.

The lifestyle queen recently spoke about how she prepared for the now-iconic picture session, whether she had fillers, and how she used Photoshop.

“Every now and then, there are certain fillers that I can do for a little line here or there,” the 81-year-old said, “but I hate Botox.” It’s a weird thing for me. I really and truly don’t do a lot.””

She said that when she gets remarks about ‘She better stop using Botox,’ she does not use Botox but a little bit in her neck, she hates Botox.

Stewart said that she had no sort of plastic surgery whatsoever.

Stewart, who travelled to the Dominican Republic to shoot her cover shot and many other photographs included in her article, told that critics claim “the pictures are over-retouched.” But they aren’t. They are really accurate images. She was relieved that there wasn’t a lot of airbrushing.

The domestic doyenne had spent two months preparing for this momentous occasion. When she received the call to do the shoot, she began asking herself, “What do I have to do to make sure I look good?” she told Sports Illustrated Swimsuit editor-in-chief MJ Day. She mean, there’s a little fat here and a little wrinkle there; one has got to make sure one take care of everything.

She really needed to get on the exercise, Stewart added. She always worked out, but she went to Pilates three or four times a week. For two months, she ate a lot of salads and drank a lot of green juice, with no alcohol, no wine, no beverages, nothing. She had her normal facials, and she even got a spray tan, which is something she never does. She waxed her entire body. She also maintained her sun protection routine, wearing hats and applying sunscreen on a daily basis.

She said that what she is proud of is that she has taken care of herself and that she genuinely pays attention to her health.

That’s her motto; she said that she believes that if one looks good, one feels good, and it shows. It’s seen in the gleaming skin, the rosy cheeks, the lovely hair, and everything else. One can’t be like that unless one has put in the effort, at least in terms of nutrition, exercise, and visiting the correct physicians to ensure one’s health.

Steward remarked on her podcast that she hopes her photo inspires women of all ages to age proudly and that she inspires other women who are getting on. One begins to grow old the day one is born, but one doesn’t have to show it.

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