Kurt Russell Tears Up After Kate Hudson’s Moving ‘Father’s Day’ Tribute | “He’s One Hell of a Dad”

Kurt Russell was very moved by Kate Hudson’s Father’s Day greeting.

Over the weekend, the actress, 43, expressed gratitude to her “Pa” with a lovely Instagram post, posting a vintage snapshot of the two hugging while reclining together in bed.

“Fun, daring, enthusiastic, driven, honest, loyal, incredible parent, and the best head of hair in Los Angeles! We are really fortunate! Pa, I adore you! Father’s Day greetings,” Kate penned.

Her mom, Goldie Hawn, who has been married to Russell, 71, for over 40 years, commented, “Honey this photo speaks volumes.”

Following that, Hawn, 76, added in a follow-up comment, “I showed this to Daddy, honey. Here is his message… ‘Birdie, mama just showed me this image, this ideal Father’s Day gift.’ I’ve never seen anything like it.'”

“Wow… It’s lethal. There’s a lot of water under the bridge… it’s hard to see it because all that water appears to have found its way into my eyes “According to Hawn, Russell continued. “Sweetheart, thank you for making me the luckiest parent in the world. I love you, Pa.”

Among the celebrity pals of the famous family who sent kind remarks were Liv Tyler, Rachel Zoe, and Drew Barrymore, who commented, “@katehudson wow this one nearly aches is so sweet.”

“I love this so much,” commented Zoe, 50, while Tyler, 44, added her own string of heart emojis.

On Sunday, Hawn paid homage to her longtime boyfriend on Instagram, uploading a snapshot of herself and Russell kissing. She added how she can express her thanks and love for the greatest dad who has given them all so much in this life.

With ex Bill Hudson, Hawn had Kate and her brother, Oliver Hudson. Hawn and Russell have a kid named Wyatt Russell.

Kate has been candid about her feelings for her “Pa,” whose surname, Russell, is also the middle name of the actress’s now-18-year-old son Ryder Robinson.

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