Longtime Pennsylvania Politician Accused of Murdering and Burning Body of Retired Deputy Sheriff Husband

A lady in Pennsylvania has been charged with killing her retired deputy sheriff hubby and then burning his nude body on their back porch.

Evelyn Zigerelli-Henderson, 66, was charged with criminal homicide, aggravated arson, and arson in the death of her 84-year-old hubby Carmen Henderson last Thursday.

As per a criminal complaint, investigators found the horrible scene after the woman, a former Dauphin County political candidate, contacted 911 to report that her hubby of 30 years had set himself on fire.

When detectives interrogated Zigerelli-Henderson about her husband’s death, she reportedly altered her narrative many times. She originally stated it was suicide, but then claimed her hubby accidentally set himself on fire while smoking a cigar on their porch.

Officials claimed they discovered fly larvae in the victim’s mouth and nose when investigating his corpse, suggesting he’d been dead for some time.

It was unclear when Henderson died, and officials have not announced his cause of death.

According to the lawsuit, Zigerelli-Henderson agreed to prolonging her 911 call but couldn’t justify why.

Authorities stated that the pair was in debt after the woman reportedly stated that she had spent all of their funds on holiday houses and hedonistic pastimes such as day spas.

As per the lawsuit, Zigerelli-Henderson stated that they owed $40,000 on a second mortgage and that the sheriff’s office planned to confiscate the property.

The woman reportedly acknowledged having a $10,000 life insurance policy on her spouse, who retired as a Dauphin County chief deputy sheriff in 1995.

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