My boyfriend dumped me for not being hot — now I’m a model

A lady has described how her lover ditched her and told her she wasn’t attractive enough – but she has now had the last laugh.

@kim.decker, a TikTok user, demonstrated how she now works as a model and looks completely different. She revealed her before and after photographs in a video that has received over 100,000 views.

She asked her boyfriend whether he is breaking up with her since she is not beautiful enough. To which he replied that he knows he can find somebody more attractive, sorry.

Kim then appeared to be working on a modelling session at the age of 20 and looking quite gorgeous.

People have weighed in on her makeover after she labelled the video “#glowup.”

@kim.decker okeyyyy let’s go 🥊 #foryou #glowup #fyp #viralvideo ♬ Originalton – Deniz

“You’re unbelievably beautiful,” one individual commented.

“You were lovely before and after,” said another.

A third wrote, “his loss.”

One joked: “Hahahahaha how solid is that first picture”, and Kim answered: “Mother generally thought she had 2 sons until puberty.”

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