Lady Gaga Shows Grace And Kindness When She Helps SZA With Her Dress After Losing A Grammy To Her.

Lady Gaga’s lovely onstage performance with 76-year-old Liza Minnelli at the Oscars last week stole netizens’ hearts as the singer helped out the Hollywood star who has retired from the spotlight in recent years without being uncomfortable. And on Sunday, April 3, the ‘I’ll Never Love Again’ singer assisted SZA with her Jean Paul Gaultier gown as she walked onstage with crutches to receive her Grammy. 

The ‘Kiss Me More’ singer won the Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for her collaboration with Doja Cat, defeating Gaga and Tony Bennett for their song ‘Love for Sale.’ Despite SZA’s victory, Gaga exhibited no resentment and was determined to ensure that her competitor looked flawless on stage.

In the brief video footage, Gaga can be seen pulling off SZA’s long tulle train, which became tangled as the ‘Good Days’ singer negotiated her way onto the stage. SZA previously confessed that she required crutches at The Grammys after falling out of bed. 

Viewers who witnessed Gaga’s kind and charitable deed at the Grammys were eager to congratulate her.

One person remarked, “What if every celebrity was as kind as @ladygaga? What a magnificent example they’d set. This is not a game for children, but rather for grownups.” 

Another said that a genuine Queen will adjust another Queen’s crown without informing the world it was crooked. 

One reader said, “LadyGaga has always been a good-hearted person, but her interactions with #LizaMinnelli at the Oscars and with SZA at the Grammys demonstrate exactly how modest and wonderful she truly is. That’s wonderful to know about her.” 

Another person stated, “This after she was defeated by SZA for the Grammy…

@ladygaga is always a class act with her elegance and selflessness. A lesson on kindness.” 

“Idk what y’all think, but gaga was too kind for being the only one assisting SZA,” another said.

“Lady Gaga getting SZA’s train of her dress was a vibe great to see ladies looking out for women #GRAMMYs,” a third wrote. 

Someone else said, “Doja and SZA were up there being so amazing together as Gaga assisted SZA with her outfit. I mean, out there, women are actually prospering and supporting one another.” 

People praised Gaga for a very human gesture of devotion to another, with one calling it ‘a queen helping a queen.’ It’s not unusual that she’d be willing to assist a fellow singer, but it’s tough not to admire the respect and affection she has for her peers. 

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