Cranky neighbour sends seething note demanding children stay quiet outside his home.

A huffy neighbour has penned a message addressed to ‘number 19’ in an attempt to calm down their kids and remove the ‘illegal’ caravan in their front yard, however opinions are divided on whether it is justified. 

The anonymous neighbor’s message was shared by ‘Sophie from Mandurah’ in the WA Incident Alerts Facebook page, implying they live in Western Australia, and attracted hundreds of responses. 

It begins by recognising that ‘Sophie’ has just recently moved into the street and, ideally, will be available to hear some of their ‘concerns’ about her living circumstances. 

It said that her children are kicking the footy which now and again they get so boisterous they wake every one of us up. There are a couple of shift laborers in this road who are impacted. Her immediate neighbours are irritated because the football knocks against the fence, causing their dogs to yelp, waking up the entire street. The email goes on to beg the mother to be ‘quieter and respect them’ in order to avoid using ‘other agencies’ in the problem. She also has a caravan on the property with a person living in it. She must obtain approval from the council. Thank you very much, her neighbours. Some of the note readers came to Sophie’s guard, saying they were relieved to hear her kids seemed like they were simply ‘having fun being kids.’ 

‘Thank you, number 19, for being a wonderful mother and allowing your children to be children. We are elderly and go down south to a farm stay in our caravan over the Christmas school holidays, there’s kids and dogs (dogs on leads) running and playing with one another and what a joyful noise they all make and yes, it makes us smile, we were young once and so were your neighbours,’ one lady wrote. 

‘If I had received that message, I would have probably considered attempting to bring the children’s noise level down a notch – until the threat from outside agencies.’ ‘I’d get the youngsters a drum set,’ another remarked. 

A third added, ‘Honestly, who cares if somebody is in a caravan at these times of very few rentals. What a nasty thing to keep going on about this. I wouldn’t mind if every property in Western Australia had a trailer in their yard at this time.’ 

Others, though, believed that the message made a real point concerning noise levels during the day. 

‘I suppose banging the barrier repeatedly would irritate any individual; a little respect goes a long way. Children have the right to play in their own houses, but there’s no need to hit the fence constantly to have fun,’ one individual added. 

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