Letter From Her 9Yr Old Daughter Solved The Single Mother’s Problem Immediately.

Being a single mother is not an easy life, especially if financial worries cloud over you. To make the situation even graver, someone in the family needs constant medical attention and you’re behind on your rent. But never give up, never lose faith, there’s always a silver lining and here are 5 single moms who were incredibly saved from evictions.

1. Natalie Koltes a sick young woman lived in Las Vegas with her 9yr old daughter Ariel. Natalie struggled to pay the rent to the landlord each month Ariel and her mom were facing eviction from their 3yr home as the landlord would not give them any extra chances.

The 9 yr old with the help of her grandmother wrote a surprise letter to the FOX5 Surprise Squad who took care of their 2 months rent. They also helped Ariel to get back to school.

Natalie said her daughter is a hero to have helped her through this difficult situation.

2. Melissa a mother of 4 boys from Sydney was struck down with a back injury and needed two surgeries and was unable to work and pay the rent. They were evicted from their home and had to stay in a refuge however in a weeks time they were asked to leave that accommodation as well.

Community First Real Estate helped her find a fully furnished home where she could move in with her boys immediately. They also took care of the first 3 months rent as they wanted Melissa to recover from her injury before she could start working again.

Melissa was extremely happy and in tears to have found a home for her kids.

3. Nicole Walker, from Taylor, Michigan mother of a five-year-old daughter had recently undergone surgery and was dealing with multiple problems including finding a new home.

Nicole’s mother called the police as she was unable to connect with Nicole. The police officer checked on her if she was suicidal. Nicole narrated the distress she was going through to the police officer.

Next morning Nicole received a note along with a $50 gift card from the same officer advising her to stay strong and look at the good things in life and be thankful about it.

Nicole was touched by his gesture and thanked him for his act of kindness.

4. Melissa a single mom from Fall River had been struggling to pay her rent for months. Her 6yr old son Adien suffers from cerebral palsy and Global hypoxic brain injury which causes him to have seizures. He receives physical and speech therapy and is unable to walk or crawl.

Melissa voiced her life on Rock and Fox radio show. The fans of the show started to pool in money to help Melissa’s family being evicted from her home. People contributed to 10 months of her rent. Someone offered to fix her car for free. She was also given a prepaid holiday with her family.

She thanked all the listeners and was blown away by their generosity.

5. Jennifer Williams, a single mom who is hearing impaired and has multiple sclerosis, was robbed at gun point outside her bank. She lost several months of rent which would eventually lead to eviction.

Western Branch Philanthropy a Facebook group in Chesapeake Bay, Virginia decided to help Jennifer. They raised over $1,300 in 24 hours to help Jennifer pay her rent and they also donated gifts for her daughter’s birthday.

Jennifer was beyond grateful for the support she received. She now wants to help single moms in need. 

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