Woman Gives Birth While Sitting For The Bar Exam. Really!

Taking the bar exam is a tough thing. And you certainly don’t want to have any distractions while taking it. But some distractions… just can’t be helped.

Brianna Hill is a Loyola University graduate. And she was determined to take the bar exam to become a lawyer. Brianna became pregnant and tried to plan things out as best she could, but the test kept moving forward on the calendar and it was finally set for October. And by then, Brianna was very, VERY pregnant.

A few minutes after the test started, Brianna went into labor. Talk about timing! During a break, she called her husband to let him know. Then, she went back to taking the test. She was actually able to complete the first portion of the test, and quickly got to her hospital in Oak Park, Illinois. A few hours later, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

She had to complete her exam the next day, so the hospital set up a special room and Brianna was able to do it remotely.

Says Brianna: “I woke up and they set up a spare room for me. They put a ‘Do not enter’ sign on there.”

She’ll find out in December if she passed the exam. In the meantime, she and her husband are happy simply being parents.

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