Lil Wayne Remembers the Louisiana Cop Who Saved His Life When He Was a Child.

Lil Wayne is now in grief for Robert Hoobler, also known as “Uncle Bob,” a policeman who prevented the suicide attempt of Wayne, then 12 years old, by intervening.

Weezy announced the death on Instagram on Monday, writing, “RIP uncle Bob. Aunt Kathie had been expecting you.

Bob’s relatives said that he was discovered dead in his house on Friday.  The former New Orleans policeman, who had two amputees, was well-liked by his fellow officers.

When Wayne shot himself in the chest in an effort to commit suicide, he was the responding officer. Wayne has always said that when Bob arrived on the scene, he not only responded but also saved him.

In an interview in August 2021, Bob said that Wayne had guaranteed him lifetime financial support if he ever required it.

In the 2015 song “London Roads,” Wayne rapped on his prior mistaken belief that Uncle Bob had passed away. However, Uncle Bob was still alive when Weezy contacted him, and the two men’s friendship has since been restored.

Rest in peace officer.

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