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Lingerie Store Owner Confronts and Livestreams Suspected Shoplifter on City Bus

A frustrated store owner addressed a suspected burglar on a city bus while live-streaming the interaction on social media.

Sophia Romo operates a lingerie business in Houston, Texas, where her staff reportedly caught the culprit stealing.

Romo pursued the woman, accompanied her onto the bus, and sat beside her.

Let’s play the thief’s purse game.  Let’s see what she’s got,  Romo remarked.

The suspected thief appeared terrified.

Romo said stealing occurs on a regular basis but she’s typically unable to do anything about it.

Store Owner Confronts Alleged Shoplifter on City Bus

A Texas store owner confronts an alleged thief on a city bus. Sophia Romo owns a lingerie store in Houston where her employees spotted the woman allegedly shoplifting. Romo chases the shoplifter onto the bus. She then sat down next to her and confronted her, live on social media. The shop owner called the police. When the bus came to a stop, the cops were waiting and arrested the woman for theft.

Posted by Inside Edition on Wednesday, August 24, 2022

She was walking. Most of the time, they escape in vehicles or we don’t get a chance to confront them, so this was the ideal moment, Romo added.

Romo contacted the cops, who were waiting when the bus pulled to a halt and detained the woman for stealing.

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