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Son Accidentally Hits Dad With Arrow During Target Practice

Life is unpredictable. You never know what can occur the next moment. 

A Nebraska man was hospitalized after a bow-and-arrow mishap that shocked his family.

According to the Clingenpeel family, the tragedy occurred next to their home when Jeremy Clingenpeel and his son, Colton, chose to practice target shooting in preparation for hunting season.

Colton was positioned to the left to shoot a target bag on a mound, but his bow malfunctioned, causing the arrow to veer off and strike his dad.

Tracy Clingenpeel, Jeremy Clingenpeel’s wife, claimed she saw the look on his face and heard his voice. It was frightening.

Brittany Sanford, Jeremy Clingenpeel’s niece, expressed worry as well.

She truly believed this was it, Sanford remarked. Her  children admire this man and revere the land he walks on.

The Ring doorbell filmed the dad walking across the driveway to seek assistance. He can be seen in the footage with an arrow protruding from his side.

The event was ruled an accident by authorities, although the arrow was stuck 6 to 8 inches deep into Jeremy Clingenpeel’s side.

Son Shoots Dad With Bow and Arrow in Freak Accident

A man was in need of help after he got shot with an arrow. Jeremy Clingenpeel and his son Colton were shooting targets with a bow at home in Council Bluffs, Iowa, when the bow malfunctioned and sent the arrow off course.

Posted by Inside Edition on Friday, September 23, 2022

Tracy Clingenpeel stated her husband seemed quite collected for having an arrow through his chest wall. She anchored the arrow since he screamed in agony every time he breathed.

Jeremy Clingenpeel was taken to the hospital by paramedics.

According to the family, physicians told them that Jeremy Clingenpeel’s survival was a miracle. He is likely to recover completely.

Tracy Clingenpeel said the event has been difficult for the family because she was afflicted with a serious neurological ailment last year, and money has been an issue.

Jeremy Clingenpeel works full-time in waste management, but his family is unsure when he will be able to return.

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