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Lisa Marie Presley lost her dad when she was a kid.

Lisa Marie Presley described her “early encounter to death” on “Larry King Live” in 2003. Her dad, Elvis Presley, died on August 16, 1977, when she was nine years old. His lifeless body was discovered on the toilet floor inside Graceland by his lover, Ginger Alden, and Lisa Marie, who saw his body later that night, immediately phoned her father’s ex, Linda Thompson.

According to Thompson, the young Presley would call her from time to time since they were really close, but this time she had a “desperate tone in her voice. That’s when she said, ‘Linda, it’s Lisa…. My daddy’s dead,'” she recounted.”

When King pressed Presley to explain what transpired that morning, she blew it off. She did, though, revisit that horrible day years later. It was 4:00 a.m. Actually, she was meant to be sleeping. He found her, she recounted in 2018. The last time she saw him alive, he kissed her goodnight.

Elvis was suffering a food and prescription medication addiction, even though Presley was too young to completely comprehend, she sensed something was wrong. Elvis’ body lay in Graceland for three days after his death, but it didn’t frighten the little Lisa Marie.

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