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Lisa Marie Presley’s marriage to Nicolas Cage was a ‘big mistake’

Lisa Marie Presley has a tendency for creating headlines with her nuptials. She married Nicolas Cage in a top-secret Hawaiian wedding in August 2002, and by November 2002, the pair had filed for divorce. She is sorry, but they shouldn’t have married in the first place, she said, calling the marriage a “huge mistake.”

In an interview with Larry King, Presley revealed what went wrong, stating, it looked nice like she might be equal. Situations and surroundings are similar. So they bonded, and it was a terrific relationship, she explained. They were both a bit sort of these gypsy spirits, dictatorial pirates. And if one pirate marries another, they will essentially wreck the ship, she joked.

When asked how soon after the marriage she recognized her error, Presley said to King, they’d been together for two years before getting married, so it was one of those situations where one marry intending to either stabilize it or enhance all that was going on previous to what was bad. So it did the latter, that’s all, she came to a conclusion. Furthermore, the tabloids contributed to their demise by exploiting Cage’s Elvis fanaticism.

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