Little Boy Says Teachers Taped His Mouth and Threw His Lunch Away, Ordering Him Not to Tell Parents

Choosing a school for one’s kid can be a difficult process. Parents always desire the best for their kids, therefore they carefully analyze all factors before putting their kids in school. When it comes to their child’s well-being, they never settle for less.

Parents feel at peace after leaving their children to school since they assume their child is secure on school grounds. Yet, even when their teacher is there, kids are not always protected.

Hoda Dannaoui went to pick up her son, Abdul Dannaoui, from Highview Elementary School in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, like she did every day. All was going according to plan until Abdul walked out of the school building.

Hoda realized something was wrong. She suspected something was hurting Abdul, 5, as he wasn’t as cheerful as he was every afternoon. Her curiosity led her to inquire as to why Abdul appeared agitated.

Hoda was taken aback by his response. She never imagined her son would be subjected to such cruelty. His professors had never remarked about his conduct since he was a high achiever who was always ready to learn new things. Hoda was taken aback when he heard what Abdul alleged occurred inside his classroom.

When Abdul narrated Hoda his story, she was at a lost for words. She couldn’t believe his preschool instructors would abuse him. During lunchtime, two of Abdul’s instructors taped his lips and tossed away his meal, according to Abdul. Hoda stated, she is devastated emotionally. Disheartened. That is his second home. Is that how they treat an asthmatic child?

Abdul also stated that his professors mocked him in front of his classmates and that they had done it at least 10 times. The small child said that his instructors taped his lips shut so he couldn’t eat his lunch, despite the fact that he had been hungry all day.

Hoda felt her kid was secure at Highview Elementary School’s preschool until the day he informed her about the bizarre occurrence.

Abdul’s parents chose to withdraw him from preschool after learning about the event. They were hesitant to send their son to a location where he would be abused.

As per Abdul, one of the teachers handed him a bracelet and begged him not to inform his parents about the event, claiming that it was the teacher’s assistant.

On March 26, 2018, the event occurred, and Abdul’s family promptly filed a police report. They were shocked since no one from the school had informed them about the occurrence.

The school quickly published an official statement, but Abdul’s parents were still upset. The comment gave the impression that their youngster was not speaking the truth.

The school did not believe all of Abdul’s statements. They disputed that two teachers were involved. According to them, a replacement teacher assistant was involved and was promptly fired. Dr. Laurine VanValkenburg, superintendent of the Crestwood School District, stated, there have been no other reports of occurrences like this. This sort of action is neither tolerated or approved by the Crestwood School District.

When Hoda spoke with the principal, she informed the mom that what occurred at the school was bad but not a crime. Hoda was disappointed by the answer.

While the school disputed the role of two instructors, they also stated that the event did not occur 10 times. Abdul, on the other hand, persuaded his mom that he was giving her the truth. Hoda stated, should she trust her son? Should she call him a liar? Something is wrong… How is it possible that her son is not speaking the truth? 

Nabih Ayad, the family’s lawyer, stated that Abdul would not go back to school unless the authorities fired the second instructor engaged in the event.

What would you do in Hoda’s situation? Do you believe the accused second instructor should face punishment? Do you believe Abdul told the truth?

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