Little Girl’s Cute Idea To Connect With Friends During The Lockdown.

Source: Facebook

Yesterday our daughter was getting down with lockdown 7 (or is it 6.5???) Vic lockdown.

After a trampoline meltdown…. Cos who wouldn’t when you can’t see your friends. I suggest maybe she do something for her friends that we could drop off….

2 hours later she had made 3 care packs for 3 local friends – containing a game for them to play, chocolate, a beani boo to take care of (that needs a vegetable or cupcake daily and somewhere comfy to sleep), a chatterbox full of compliments, some party favors and a letter.

Today she was blessed with 2 care packs arriving for her – just as beautiful like a bag of compliments and a jar of gratitude to fill up and of course chocolate!

It’s so beautiful to see her so happy creating so much joy for others and such a blessing to receive to.

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