When There Is A Knock At The Door Will You Open It?

Story by Meg Duncan

A knock at the door. Unexpected. In the quiet. Something in me isn’t sure what to do – it’s too messy in here. The clutter, and the chaos.

Picking up Ramon noodle packets under the table that Wilma got from the trash, the bird seed that Yoda just showered on the dining room tile, and strands of wire crossing the room from electronic devices that the kids’ faces are often attached to.

Laundry is on the dining room table waiting for someone to put it in its home (because no matter how long it sits, it just doesn’t put itself away).

And I am ashamed at the mess, at myself for not being motivated. It’s my humanity–it’s my struggle–and I so often just want to hide it.

“Just don’t answer,” I whisper. “Don’t let anyone in.”

And this is what we so often do with Christ when He knocks at our heart. We don’t answer, because it is just too messy.

Hurt. Pride. Anger. Just like the laundry – these feelings don’t put themselves away. They just grow.

That’s the thing though, He doesn’t care if it’s messy. In fact, that’s why He’s knocking in the first place – Jesus wants to come in and clean up.

He sees every bit of humanity in us and in a way that the mirror doesn’t reveal.

He sees our past, He sees our present, and He sees our future. He truly sees everything we will become. And He is ready to roll up his sleeves and start working.

So open your heart. Let Him in – it doesn’t matter if it’s messy.

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