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Little Indy Joins Dad Rory Feek For A Touching Father-Daughter Duet Of ‘Papa What If’

Rory and Indy Feek sat on the porch, performing the song ‘Papa What If’ by Shel Silverstein. And this adorable father-daughter duet is such a wonderful moment!

Rory and his daughter, Indiana, are singing the song on their farm as the sun sets in the backdrop. The setting is beautiful, and the love between these two is heartwarming to see.

“If the sun stopped shinin’ you’d be so surprised
You’d stare at the heavens with wide open eyes
And the wind would carry your light to the skies
And the sun would start shinin’ again”

This is a beautiful video of a father and his daughter sharing a touching moment. Rory and Indy are making me feel everything!

“The first thing Indiana did this morning was to wish me Happy Father’s Day… she was so happy to share the sweet card and gift she prepared for me,” Rory says in the video’s description. “And so, the first thing I wanted to do this morning was wish all the papas out there a happy Father’s Day and share a sweet little three-minute present from me and Indy with you.”

With a wide grin on her face, Indy exclaims, “I love you, Papa,” at the conclusion of the video. Such a beautiful sight to watch! Several individuals on the internet seem to agree.

Rory Feek, according to his YouTube channel, is a real Renaissance guy. He is a farmer, a filmmaker, an author, and an artist. He was also part of the Grammy-winning duet Joey + Rory. Before his wife, Joey, died in March 2016, he and his wife traveled the globe and sold almost a million recordings. Gentle Man, Rory’s debut solo album, was released in June 2021.

We hope you liked seeing this video from Rory and Indy!

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