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Suzanne Somers And Spouse Of 45 Yrs Who Have A Family Of 18 Still Hold Hands While Sleeping And Date Every Night.

Suzanne Somers is an actress best known for her appearance in the 1970s comedy “Three’s Company” before launching her own line of clean beauty products, Suzanne Organics.

The actress was married to Bruce Somers for three years before marrying her present husband of 45 years, retired game show host Alan Hamel.

Hamel and Somers encountered a tough scenario decades into their marriage when they returned after a day in town to find their Malibu house devastated by California wildfires.

Considering how awful the scenario was, Somers found hope in it. She was grateful that no one in her family had perished and hoped that surviving the experience would teach her valuable lessons.

Somers and Hamel met on the program “The Anniversary Game,” when Somers was a prize model. Their meeting was characterized as love at first sight.

After ten years together, the pair married in 1977. They are still in a loving relationship, although things were not always perfect. When it came time to integrate their families at the start of their marriage, Somers said that it was “stepfamily hell.”

The health fanatic has one son from her first marriage, while Hamel has 2 kids from his former marriage to Marilyn Hamel. Somers noted that since mixing families and divorce were new phenomena at the time, there were few discussions on how to adjust peacefully.

The actress said that her parenting approach differed from Hamel’s. She had a set of rules—no feet on the furniture, don’t borrow clothes without asking, knock before entering — and Alan didn’t, she stated.

Somers also said that the children were angry and behaved badly, but their ex-spouses’ influence just exacerbated the situation in their homes.

Somers and Hamel understood they needed to work together to restore peace to their home; thus, things began to improve when they formed a unified front. The couple understood that mending would take time, but through patience and treatment, they were able to reflect and identify what was “holding them back.”

Somers and Hamel were relieved to have surmounted this challenge. Despite the fact that the actress “marveled” at how effectively they linked their families, she knew that no family was flawless, and she tried her best to make her marriage work.

Sommers and Hamel have been married for 45 years, yet their marriage still seems like it is in its honeymoon period. According to the actress, the key to keeping the spark alive is to pay attention to each other, something she claims most couples fail to do.

Yet it comes naturally to the relationship. Somers said she likes hugging him and stroking his hair. He always tells her she is gorgeous, and they sleep holding hands. It’s the most lovely aspect of her life.

They occasionally hold hands all night, according to the actress. Regular date evenings are another way the couple keeps their marriage alive.

Somers said that she had a date night every day. They get together every now and then at a local pub, have a heavy drink, and dance. On evenings when she is at home, she will prepare a wonderful supper with drinks, and they will dance about the house.

Somers spends a normal Sunday in her vegetable garden, though her favorite space in her home is the dining room, where her family of 18 can gather around the table, talk, and eat.

In their later years, the couple discovered the kind of life they desired. They learned they liked peaceful evenings together after spending much of their time traveling on back-to-back trips and attending many speaking engagements.

Moreover, the years they’ve spent together have only gotten them closer and more comfortable with one another, allowing them to maintain things romantic and passionate, according to Somers.

Somers also surprised folks by admitting that she and her husband had sex twice a day. Later interviews revealed that the actress intended to show people that it was possible to have that type of closeness in the latter phases of a relationship.

Somers and Hamel both claimed that their long-lasting youth is due to an organic diet, vitamins, and stress-relieving yoga. The couple’s connection stems from their frequent affirmations of one another. Although Somers’ physique has altered over the years, her husband always reminds her how beautiful she is, which she values.

Somers and Hamel are now grandparents to six children, ranging in age from 12 to 23. The actress enjoys being a grandma most for the pure love she exchanges with her grandchildren, since they don’t know blood.

Somers is happy with how close her mixed family is after years of conflict, and having them all gathered together seems like her greatest triumph.

Somers and Hamel have been married for over 50 years, and she was questioned about whether there was anything she wishes she had known earlier in her marriage.

The “Three’s Company” veteran said there was no such thing as a perfect marriage since she and Hamel would fight like dogs during the start of their relationship.

Yet once they married, they encountered the hardships of co-founding a company and combining families, which taught them even more lessons. They always loved one another and never gave up, and they were happier than ever 50 years later.

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