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Woman slams on her brakes when she sees black bear relaxing on couch with legs crossed.

Bears are known for hibernating during the winter, but it turns out that they also like resting during the rest of the year. They’ll use any chance to kick back and relax.

One bear in Canada proved how much he enjoys the laid-back lifestyle. When he noticed a couch on the side of the road, he jumped on it.

Bears are known to rapidly scamper around in October, consuming as much fatty food as possible before their lengthy winter hibernation. In fact, the more chubby they are, the more likely they are to survive!

Winter had already passed, and he was spotted cuddling up on the sofa in the springtime.

Throughout the years, wildlife photographers have recorded many incredible bears in their natural habitat. But no one has ever caught such a moment!

That’s since it’s not typical bear behavior.

Mandy Stantic captured this amusing shot of this extremely chill-looking bear taking a rest from his hard and fast bear life when the earth thawed.

The nurse was traveling around with her family near Lac Brochet, Manitoba, Canada, when she noticed this cheeky bear resting on the couch as if he didn’t care about anything.

The wild bear was searching for food in a dump when he came across this incredibly comfortable-looking couch.

So, what is a tired, hardworking bear to do?

Of course, curl up on the sofa and unwind!

Mandy stated that for hundreds of kilometers, it’s pure forest surrounding the landfill. There’s plenty for them to eat, but the berries aren’t out yet in the spring, and rubbish is easy pickings, so they all cluster there.

When they observed some bears snooping about, Mandy took her kid on a northern safari to their local rubbish dump that day (only in Canada, eh?)

One of them was reclining in a human-like position on a discarded couch. The old cliché about one person’s garbage becoming another person’s treasure became clearly obvious as her family saw the bears from the safety of their automobile.

She thought this bear had gotten his fill and was ready to unwind on the couch. He only needed some popcorn and Netflix.

What made this photo opportunity so amazing was how comfortable this black bear looked to be, sitting erect and with his legs crossed lady-like on the filthy sofa.

The sight was so shocking that it made headlines!

The local population is fully aware of this waste dump’s temporary bear home. It turns out that human waste is a plentiful source of food!

The bears have grown so accustomed to vehicles dumping rubbish at regular intervals that they rush to the bags as soon as they arrive.

According to Mandy, there was a discarded TV in front of the couch, which added to the absurdity of the setting.

One doesn’t see animals copying people by sitting with their legs crossed and their arms over the chair. He’s just posing like a normal human.

This shot was so precisely timed that there’s no surprise it went viral. After all, how often do you get to say you saw a bear watching TV?

Check out the video below to learn more about the bear!

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