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Masked man attempts to rob fast-food joint unaware two cops are there on a date.

When you’re a cop, you can’t afford to overlook an urgency or a serious issue. When you realize that somebody is in distress, you will do all in your power to assist them. That’s precisely what an off-duty officer couple did on their dinner date.

Chase and Nicole McKeown had dinner at Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers.

They’d only been married for a few months. And, like most couples, they like going on dates whenever possible.

Their pleasant evening was cut short when they observed a masked guy approaching the cash register.

He began demanding money from the restaurant’s cashier while armed with a revolver. A citizen may have fled in terror if he saw a guy preparing to commit a crime.

But this pair was far from fleeing.

In reality, they did the inverse. They took a step forward and sprung into action. And the way they moved seemed like an action movie character. Their movements were accurate but cautious.

The men can be seen cautiously aiming their firearms at the thief in the CCTV clip.

The man dropped his firearm and began rushing out of the restaurant after understanding the gravity of the scenario. The pair pursued him. He couldn’t have predicted it!

The arrest was made when the couple pursued the suspect. They pursued him across Louisville. They were able to make an arrest there with the assistance of local cops.

The video has gone viral, and many people have acknowledged their appreciation for their boldness and fast thinking.

The guy was eventually recognized as a convicted criminal.

Business Robbery at Canes.

You never know who’s minding their own business but ready to put in work. This is the Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers at #MidCityMall Saturday night. Shout out to the two Elizabethtown Police Department officers that went from enjoying them delish chicken fingie’s to full-blown #Sheepdogs real quick. They chased the suspect in the Highlands and made the arrest with our 5th Division officers. Great work, EPD! #LMPD #Etown #BusinessRobbery #RaisinCanes #ChickenBaskets #ChickenFingies #ThatSauceIsOnPoint #OneLove #ThatSweetTeaTho #Chicken #AlwaysFreshNeverFrozen #LikeOurHashtags #EtownStaysDown #EPD #OffDutyResponse #WolfHunters #FormulateAplan #DivideAndConquer #StrongWerk

Posted by Louisville Metro Police Department on Tuesday, 18 February 2020

The 30-year-old guy was accused of obtaining stolen stuff, theft, and carrying a firearm.

Despite the fact that what the two Kentucky police officers did was excellent, they believe otherwise.

Any cop would have done the same for them. When it comes to saving lives, they all do the same thing.

Similarly to their profession, the two value collaboration in their marriage.

See how the pair heroically arrested the culprit in the video below!

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