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Cop stops distraught elderly man for speeding then shows up to his home 1 hour later with two more cops.

Getting pulled over for speeding is almost always a bad experience. No one really wants to get a ticket, and dealing with the consequences of being pulled over is the worst. But, for one individual, everything turned out well!

A Michigan cop finally pulled over an elderly man for speeding, unaware that he was about to make a new buddy.

The footage of the traffic stop was just released by the Sterling Heights Police Department. Kevin Coates was the cop engaged in the incident on September 30th on 18 1/2 Mile Road.

Officer Coates pulled over an older man called David, a 79-year-old local.

Officer Coates inquired as to what was happening, wondering what was driving the man to accelerate and appear upset.

“Everything’s going wrong,”

David had recently purchased a television for his wife and was having difficulty connecting it. As a reason, he was quite irritated that his present to his wife was not working.

He try very hard to drive correctly, David said to the officer. He purchased a new television today to make his wife happy but he can’t get it connected.

David had spent the day visiting stores and seeking assistance, yet no one would assist him.

It must have been really irritating for a senior who was simply trying to get his TV set up. We all understand that speeding is terrible, yet there are times when you don’t even notice it!

Officer Coates saw that the senior was not tech-savvy and didn’t feel confident in his abilities.

He gave him a caution and informed him that he will stop by his house later to perhaps assist him out!

Officer Coates had followed through! David heard a tap on his door and spotted headlights out front an hour later.

Officer Coates and his colleagues, Officers Remi Veroughstraete and Jerry Jaushevich, arrived to assist!

Inside, the three discovered that David’s wife had a significant medical condition and his son had special needs. It was the least they could do to help him set up his television. The moment quickly went viral, with people all around the world expressing how amazing it was that the cops were eager to assist.

Mario Bastianelli, the officer’s lieutenant, congratulated the guys. He believes the world could use a few more actions like this. It was a terrific demonstration of a lot of what law enforcement does around the country on a daily basis that isn’t highlighted, Bastianelli stated. They’re really proud of their police for thinking outside the box and going above and beyond to aid their folks.

Watch the video below!

Officer Coates observed a traffic violation and through his investigation, it was determined this gentleman could use a helping hand. With all the obstacles in today’s world, a little compassion and understanding goes a long way. Great work officers Coates, Verougstraete & Jakushevich! Watch the news interview with Lieutenant Bastianelli on WDIV Local 4 / ClickOnDetroitFOX 2 Detroit tonight.

Posted by Sterling Heights Police Department on Wednesday, 6 October 2021
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