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After elderly widow gets evicted, her neighbor buys the house so she can move back home.

Some may argue that the era of neighborhood ties has passed. While it is true that individuals do not engage as much with their neighbors as they used to, is it fair to say that the art of being a good neighbor has vanished? Whatever your opinions are about it, THIS tale is the epitome of being a good neighbor and one that we can all identify as a completely unselfish deed.

Angie Tyma, an 89-year-old lady, was going through a difficult time.

Tyma had been a long-time resident of her Hudson, Florida home when she received some awful news. Tyma had sold the house to someone a few years ago, but she still lived there. The previous owner of the house had traveled to Europe and had ceased paying the mortgage completely without her knowing!

Within a few months, the old woman discovered that she would be compelled to relocate and legally evicted.

Tyma had no clue what to do now that the house had officially gone into foreclosure. Her husband had died over 20 years before, and she didn’t expect to be thrown out on the streets. Nonetheless, the tenacious woman was convinced that she would find a solution.

Despite battling and attempting to make things work, the inevitable happened.

Surprisingly, the officials arrived and evicted the old woman from her home of 35 years, throwing her out. The future appeared dismal for the almost 90-year-old woman. What was she going to do without a job or a place to live?

Then something incredible occurred.

Tyma established friendships with many of her neighbors, many of whom were aware of what was going on. When they observed everything being removed from the house, they realized something bad was going on. Danielle Calder, a neighbor with whom Tyma had a connection, inquired and discovered what was going on.

Calder contacted the corporation, inquired about the situation, and then did something extraordinary: she purchased the house.

Calder chose to buy the house herself and rent it out to Tyma, which shocked even the most generous of people. Calder was about to become a landlord! Why go to such lengths to keep an old woman in a home she couldn’t afford? The explanation was straightforward: she is the glue that ties the community together.

Everyone knows Angie, she explained. She walks her two little dogs. She’s an elderly lady, yet she’s rather fiery and full of energy.

On Tyma’s birthday, the neighbors stunned her with the freshly painted house.

Normally, one of her neighbors bakes her a cake every year, but when she stepped out of the car and saw all these people and the media she was in shock, she said.

That is what it means to be a good neighbor! Few individuals would go so far as to purchase a home for a family member, let alone a neighbor.

Check out the video of the surprise party down below!

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