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Woman rents home for over 20 yrs not expecting generous landlord to leave it to her.

Jane Sayner, 74, moved into a lovely property in St Albans, north-west of Melbourne, more than 23 years ago.

She had been looking for a house for a while, and when she saw the listing in the local newspaper, she realized it was the one.

She paid $200 every week for over two decades, most of the time in cash as her landlord, John Perrett, liked.

The old guy, who was a pharmacist as well as a community member and philanthropist, never requested additional money. Sayner described him as a decent landlord.

There was nothing in the yard when the woman moved into what was formerly John’s residence. However, being a gardener, she put several plants in it, transforming it into a lovely, colorful garden.

While Perrett was already in a nursing home, suffering Parkinson’s disease, he contacted her and broke the most astounding news. She was getting the house free of charge.

Sayner couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She even questioned herself, thinking she had misinterpreted something or misunderstood John’s statements.

But it was correct. After more than 20 years of watching how much this woman adored his land, Perrett chose to let her have it for free.

The old lady was overjoyed to at last have her own home. This would be quite beneficial, because it would allow her to retire.

She had to work up to that point to make ends meet. However, owning her own home allowed her to accumulate money and finally retire.

But this was not the man’s only possession. Perrett, who died in September 2020, turned out to be a billionaire, despite Sayner’s ignorance.

John Perrett, an only kid without any close relations, never married. He worked as a neighborhood pharmacist for many years before selling the business and investing the money wisely in stocks.

This maneuver appears to have netted him a large sum of money. So much so that the local hospital inherited more than $19 million from him.

Words can nearly never explain how selfless and immensely giving (Perrett was), Royal Melbourne Hospital Professor Nigel Toussiant remarked.

The man had been treated in the hospital thirty years before and had gotten a transplant there. He seemed to have had such a wonderful experience with them that he wished to assist the hospital.

Sayner expressed gratitude to her former landlord and stated that she remembers to thank him personally on a regular basis.

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