Little Puppy Who Was Left Behind Is Rescued Thanks To THIS MAN.

Sometimes, when there’s an emergency and you’re in a hurry, you have to leave things behind… and sometimes, those “things” are very precious, and here’s a story where one family was thankfully reunited with one of the smallest members of the family.

As raging brushfires moved in on Queensland residents, 48-year-old Jason Holm worked quick to evacuate his family out of harm’s way. The family also took four dogs and two puppies. But in their frantic haste, they had little time to track down another puppy, a female, so they had to leave her behind. They just could not look for her any longer.

Fortunately, firefighters who were battling the blaze near Jason’s home came across the stranded little puppy, and a photo of heroic firefighter Blake Hyland giving the puppy some water has gone viral. The photo has been shared hundreds of times, with thousands of comments.

Jason and his family were extremely relieved when they were informed the firefighters had found their puppy.

Says Jason: ‘The fire brigade left me a message saying they’d found a puppy at our place and it was being looked after.’

Added his wife, Charmain: ‘When we were leaving, it had hidden itself very well, but it was just one of those situations where we had to leave.’

The family picked up the youngest member of their family the next day at the Agnes Water fire station. 

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