Shelter Finds Adorable Note On His Collar & That’s Going Viral.

Rhino was adopted from a shelter as a puppy by a family that had 4 small children. As Rhino grew, he just became too much to handle… he was a little rough around all those little ones. So the family had to take him back to the shelter.

Some of the children were very upset by this, and one of them even wrote in a small notebook to be given to the new owner. It was all about having Rhino in their lives.

The young girl who wrote in the notebook told about missing Rhino already. She said he was a pretty puppy and that he had very good intelligence for a dog.

She even gave her advice on how to take care of him.

But most of all, she wanted the new owner to keep his name, Rhino, and not change it to something else.

Update: Rhino Lightning has been adopted.

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