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‘LO’ BLOW: Jennifer Lopez reportedly upset over leak of ‘private moment’ during wedding

Jennifer Lopez’s stunning three-day wedding weekend to Ben Affleck has been little over a week, and while the two are undoubtedly embracing marital bliss while on their honeymoon in Italy, the singer apparently shared on Instagram her rage about a leaked “private moment” between her and her fiancé.

According to sources, the singer rushed to Instagram to express her fury when a video of her serenading Affleck with an unreleased song from her wedding was leaked, remarking on a since-deleted post, “This photograph was shot without permission. Period.”

Lopez allegedly wrote that someone took advantage of their private moment. She is not sure where he/she is getting it as they had NDAs in place and requested everybody to not disclose anything from their wedding. That is the decision they have made to share.

Guests at the wedding, ranging from acquaintances to stylists, have posted less mysterious and apparently permitted photos of the stars’ big day.

A fan account released a video of JLo singing to Affleck, who sat in a chair next to her and her backup singers. The account has already removed the post, but it has published what Lopez allegedly said in the comments area.

Lopez was quoted as saying that anything she puts out in private is OnTheJLO, and it’s for her followers to see. Which she will do when she is ready. This was taken without their permission and sold for profit.

Lopez’s newsletter, “OnTheJLo,” is distributed to her admirers and contains unique stuff about her life. She posted the first photographs from her Las Vegas wedding to Affleck, as well as a behind-the-scenes peek at her Ralph Lauren-designed bridal gowns.

While the reunited lovers married in Las Vegas in July, they enjoyed a more lavish wedding and reception last week at Affleck’s enormous Georgia home.

The newlyweds then flew to Italy, where they were seen looking smitten with one another.

Who sold the tape of Lopez and Affleck’s private serenade remains unknown.

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