SICK ACT: Grandpa stops rape of 5-year-old girl, punches attacker, police say

This story contains graphic content and addresses alleged crimes against minors.

According to authorities in Middletown, Pennsylvania, the grandpa of a five-year-old girl attacked his daughter’s fiancé after catching him assaulting the youngster.

On Aug. 24, the grandpa passed by his granddaughter’s bedroom and saw her sitting on Aaron Cunagin’s lap, which he felt “was unusual,” according to court filings.

When he went to investigate because the child’s bedroom remained “too quiet,” he located Cunagin in the corner of the room between the bed and the crib, exposing himself to the five-year-old girl, who also had her trousers down, according to the records.

The grandpa then stepped in, beating his daughter’s fiancée before ranting and contacting the Middletown Borough Police Department, who came soon after and arrested Cunagin.

According to the complaint, the event woke up a lady in the residence, who claimed Cunagin informed her he “blacked out” during the incident and apologized.

He initially told authorities that his trousers had slipped down by mistake when he got up, but then revealed that he pulled them down after the girl pulled hers down.

He was simply wondering if he should do it or not, he told officials, according to the document, which also stated that the girl claimed similar instances happened five times previously, which Cunagin rejected.

As per a police press release dated August 25, Cunagin was accused of the rape of a kid, indecent assault, illegal contact with a minor, corruption of children, and indecent exposure.

Cunagin was arrested on August 24 and sent to the Dauphin County Correctional Center after failing to post $150,000 bail. His preliminary hearing is set on September 7.

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