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High School Senior Takes Grandma To Prom Who Has Been Waiting To Go Since 1961

During their high school careers, many students live for special events. Whether it’s a homecoming dance, prom, or graduation, these events may shape a high schooler’s life. For one woman called Josephine in Camarillo, California, her prom in 1961, nearly 60 years ago, was never experienced. However, a very important young guy in her life would transform her sorrowful recollection into one of her favorite life experiences.

Michael Ganczewski, a high school senior, was disappointed to find that his grandma, Josephine, did not attend her prom. His grandmother did not attend her prom many years ago since her family could not afford it. Ganczewski was still without a prom date two weeks before his senior prom. He immediately realized that he might have the date of a lifetime with his grandma.

When he asked his grandmother to prom, she first declined. Given that the prom was held on Mother’s Day weekend, the pleased grandma conveyed how much she adored her grandchild. Josephine donned a lovely gown to the prom, complete with a corsage. Josephine’s major concern heading into the special evening was her dancing, however she knew immediately it didn’t matter as long as she was with her grandson. Josephine drove the famed prom couple to the Vineyards in Simi Valley, where she was greeted by all of the other promgoers that evening. If the night wasn’t already memorable, the lady who didn’t attend her prom in 1961 was elected prom queen.

The high school student stated in an interview, she is the most influential lady in his life. His mother would not be here if it weren’t for her, and she would not have had him. And he adores her and will go to any length for her, he stated.

His grandmother first dismissed her grandson’s suggestion. She told him that she is an elderly lady. She is not attending the prom, she stated. She stated that she wanted him to have his pick of the litter, assuming that he would have a line of dates out the door. He’s stunning, and he could take a lot of lovely females. ‘No, you’re going,’ he responded, she continued.

Another reason she was hesitant to come was her lack of dance skills. Well, she doesn’t know any new dances, she said, but she’ll try her best.

The happy grandma added that her grandson’s desire to take her to prom, out of all the ladies he might have chosen, is not something she takes lightly. She also stated that the memory is one she will always remember. She will never forget that he desired to bring his Nana and show her a nice time for the rest of her life, whatever long that is, she said. She went on to express how wonderful the act was. That is incredibly meaningful to her, she continued.

As if taking your grandmother to prom wasn’t already the greatest thing in the world, the couple was even more astonished at the conclusion of the night. Josephine was crowned prom queen. The wait, which began in 1961, was well worth it.

Camarillo Teen Touches A City By Choosing His Grandmother As P…

A Camarillo teen touched the hearts of a city when he said he was taking his grandmother to his prom — because she wasn't able to attend hers 56 years ago. You can melt now. Cristy Fajardo reports.

Posted by CBS Los Angeles on Saturday, 13 May 2017
Can you believe this adorable grandson accompanied his grandmother to prom? We are overjoyed that Josephine was able to attend prom. If you like this post, please forward it to others who would enjoy it as well!

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