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Madonna’s new Sam Smith collaboration appears to be as wild as you’d imagine.

Last week, she and Sam Smith previewed an edgy new song with closeup photographs of corsets.

Soon after, Madonna raised the ante by sharing a TikTok video of herself lip-syncing to their new single, Vulgar.

@madonna GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES #SAMANDMADONNA #VULGAR @Sam Smith ♬ original sound – madonna

The 64-year-old music legend emerged in a sizzling all-black costume in film with a grainy black-and-white filter that resembled some of her famous music videos, such as her visuals for Vogue and Justify My Love.

The singer (born Madonna Ciccone) was dressed in a sleek black bodysuit with a zipper across the front that highlighted her slender form and curves.

The dress had a translucent black covering that fell down to her thighs and thick straps that clasped around her legs, and she completed the appearance with a stunning pair of black fishnet stockings.

The singer kept on trend with transparent black elbow-length gloves that showed her fingertips.

Her long hair was parted in the center, with thick curls falling down her shoulders, and she accessorized with a heavy metal crucifix hanging from her neck.

Some fans have recently criticized Madonna for flaunting her exceptionally smooth, plumped-up face, which many have assumed was the result of fillers, but in her most recent video, she showed a more natural-looking countenance.

The singer accentuated the words with her hands while facing the camera, and at one point she placed a shapely leg up in front of the camera.

‘Let’s get into the groove,’ she continued in a rhythmic, almost rapped manner that alluded to her 1985 single Into The Groove, which was included in her co-starring picture Desperately Seeking Susan.

‘You know just what to do. / Boy, get down on your knees / ’cause I am Madonna,’  she went on to say.

‘If you f*** with Sam tonight / You’re f****ng with me. / So watch what you say, or I’ll split your banana, she teased.

The lo-fi clip’s aesthetics mirrored the teaser shot she and Smith earlier posted, which included grainy black-and-white photographs of two separate corsets divided down the middle.

Smith previously partnered with Kim Petras on the Billboard 100-chart-topping Unholy.

Smith and Petras performed the record at the Grammy Awards immediately after winning the award for best pop duo/group performance for the song.

They delivered a fierce and rather sexually explicit performance that brought the house down, but it also drew fire from conservative and right-wing spectators.

Some protested on social media that the performance was a type of ‘devil worship,’ while others criticized the visuals, despite the fact that most of them were cartoonish, such as Smith’s top hat with horns affixed to it.

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