Man Argues When Wife Refuses To Go To MIL Birthday Party But Finally Broke Down And Said This.

You may connect with your mother-in-law and exchange positive energy. However, many of us may not have the ideal relationship with our mother in law. Mothers-in-law can be a source of toxicity at times. In this story a pregnant daughter-in-law wishes not to attend her mother-in-law’s birthday. Read the story to know why and let us know what are your thoughts about this.

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MIL is having a birthday dinner next weekend and the restaurant she picked has a very strict dress code. I totally get the concept of fine dining, and in general I love to dress up, but I am currently 7.5 months pregnant and I just don’t have many things which fit. I don’t want to go out and put effort into buying fancy clothes, which I will never wear again. I just want to sit at home and wear sweats.

Also MIL doesn’t like me. She is currently polite, but frigid but she got me a baby shower gift that was so bad I feel like she had to have done it intentionally. I know no one is entitled to a gift, but I genuinely feel she bought something so cheap to prove a point. I’ve seen her spend more money on a gift for her husband’s secretary. It all left a bad taste in my mouth, not to mention she hasn’t asked me how I was feeling a single time, hasn’t asked about the baby, and generally ignores me.

I told my husband that I don’t want to go out and buy a new outfit for dinner, and I don’t want to piece together something I have and maybe not make it in (they take this dress code seriously) He said he felt bad, but what can we do, it’s her birthday. I told him I wasn’t going and he got upset and said I was just using pregnancy as an excuse. He said he goes to my family things when he doesn’t want to, and he only asks me to see MIL a couple times a year. He finally broke down and admitted he is super uncomfortable going on his own, as he doesn’t like anyone else there, and he won’t have anyone to talk to. I told him if it was somewhere more casual I would suck it up, but I just can’t put the mental effort into finding an outfit right now. 

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