Man asks if he was wrong for not faking excitement at gender reveal party for his kid.

The decision to have children is extremely personal, yet remaining childless frequently means ignoring remarks from strangers and family alike that you’re “selfish” or “will change your mind.” Read the story to know what argument took place between the soon to be parents.

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My wife is 7 months pregnant. It came as a complete surprise, as my wife had been taking birth control regularly. We had originally planned to not have any kids, but my wife changed her mind after her first ultrasound. I respected her decision, even if I wasn’t the happiest about it. I told her that regardless, I wasn’t gonna force her to make a decision. We had a gender party late because of issues with the pandemic but we finally got around to it.

I already was not happy, given the circumstances that I did not want to have any children. I still participated to show support to my wife though. Once the gender reveal happened everyone including my wife was ecstatic. She went to go hug me and I hugged her back, just not with the same energy. She looked at me with a concerned face but went off to hug some of her friends and family. Once it was over and we got everything put up she blew up at me.

Said I embarrassed her in front of her family and the least I could’ve done was pretended I cared. I told her I didn’t really see a point in throwing a party just because of the gender but she wanted to do it so I agreed. She said that she understood that I didn’t really want to have a baby but that since they were almost here that I should probably lose the attitude already.

I responded saying that since she knew I didn’t want the baby, she shouldn’t be surprised I wasn’t enjoying the baby shower. She supposedly thought that the baby shower would change my mind, but was upset it hadn’t. I told her that I wasn’t going to apologize for simply not showing any emotion, and that she needed to give me time to adjust, especially with a kid on the way. Am I A Jerk? 

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