Man Asks Wife To Pay For A Trip, She Proposed To Sign An Agreement That He Would Repay With Interest.

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I’m 45F. I share four beautiful children (23, 20, 17, 14) with my husband m49.

We’ve been together for nearly thirty years and married for twenty-four. We always take a big family vacation every summer. Due to COVID that was put on a hiatus. Usually he pays for his parents, and vice versa, together we pay for our children.

One of his brothers needed help, so my husband decided to cover him and his family.

My husband retired a couple years ago. We’ve always had separate accounts and a joint account. He has always been an avid hunter and fisherman. We are not rich, but we do live comfortably. I managed our finances to get us to this point. Now when he retired he started managing his money because I didn’t agree with his irrational purchases.

He recently invested a large portion of his savings into a large hunting tract, citing it was a steal he couldn’t turn down. Mind you we live on a large property where the hunting game is in abundance. I didn’t understand the need to buy more acreage, maybe it’s a hunting thing. If there’s any hunters on here, please let me know.

I reminded him that our trip was coming up and that he should have waited to make the purchase, since to cover his brother and his family of six plus his parents would be expensive. He assured me that he had it covered.

I came home to a pretty boat in our driveway. I don’t know a thing about boats but all I saw was money. My husband receives a nice pension each month, but a percentage of it goes to our joint account and the rest to his savings. I calculated the land and finally learned about the price of the boat. I knew he couldn’t possibly have enough to cover the trip which included our kids as well, so I asked him how he was planning on paying. He said he had it covered.

Time rolls around for us to book everything. He mentions that he noticed I had a significant amount of money in my personal account and was wondering if I could pay for the entire trip and he would pay me back his half. I told him no. He was aware of this trip and ignored it. My husband hates owing anybody and therefore he would find a reason why he shouldn’t have to pay me back, which is a con artist move to me.

I proposed he sign an agreement to repay me with interest if he didn’t pay me back in a set amount of time. We had a huge argument about it, and he ended up leaving. I called and texted. No response. I received nasty texts from MIL, SIL, and his sisters about how I was treating him. Therefore, I booked my family and I. I was even kind enough to purchase his ticket, though I hadn’t seen or heard from him in over two weeks.

The moment we left for vacation the harassing calls and texts started. I turned my phone off and enjoyed my vacation. I came home to a nasty letter and his wedding ring, stating that he wouldn’t be returning until I apologized to him and his family for how I’d treated them. I’m not apologizing, but I am wondering if I am wrong for not paying and suggesting he pay me back. Am I A Jerk?

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