Couple Gives A Bad Review To Their Wedding Photographer, She Turns Up At Their House Wearing This.

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TA account.

I got married two months ago, it was a moderate affair, open bar, nice dress, no kids at a slightly more upscale place than I would have liked but I guess you only live once.

We hired a photographer through a company, a midsized place that assigned you an employee. We met with her a few times to go over expectations, venues, etc. No red flags, nothing weird.

Day of the wedding she shows up in a sheer white blouse with lace, completely see through, with no bra. I noticed, my husband noticed, everyone noticed. I, and most of my guests, just spent the evening trying to look away. All through the reception I could overhear people talking about it or joking about it. My husband and I had a good laugh about it after everything was done, just sort of a “wtf was that, did that really happen?”. I guess every wedding needs a weird story, at least mine didn’t involve a guest.

Couple of weeks ago we got the photo package, it was good and in line with what we paid for. 2 days later I get one of those automatic emails for a survey asking how they did. Overall I rated them well and even rated the photographer well except for the professional category, I gave a 3 (out of 5) and in the box filled in that I felt her clothing could be more professional. A manager called me for more clarity, I explained the outfit and said it wasn’t a big deal but wasn’t really situationally appropriate. Manager didn’t say much but sounded serious and thanked me for informing them.

End of story right? Well nope. On the weekend a photographer girl shows up drunk on my lawn wearing three bras and starts screaming at my house. Long story short she was let go from her job and felt I was the AH to blame. Eventually we had to call the police to have her removed.

People I know are torn, some think it was funny and I should have let it go, others think it deserved to be called out. I need some advice on if I’m wrong. 

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